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Wahey - my children did their first ever class assembly today (was my first time too) and it was brill. They all looked fantastic (all had their face painted into bears) and did really well! They were so scared at first and it was just me and my TA singing :D but when they got into it they were great. They promptly told me that they were ready to do another :o

Anyway - I have been asked to lead FS and KS1 assemblies from now on and my first one is Wednesday - anyone got any good ideas for this I'd really appreciate it. If anyone could reccommend any great books or websites then that would be brill.

Thanks in advance

Rachel x

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Congratulations Mookie, nice end to the week for you and the children :D Also nice to hear that your assemblies are for reception and KS1 only ( if I understand you correctly) another post describes how assemblies can be difficult for the young ones because of content being at an older level :o


I'm same as Sue, preschool, but have the children any ideas what they would like to do?


Enjoy. :D



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Congratulations, Mookie you obviously did a good job if you have been asked to lead assemblies.

Think I would regard that as a dubious honour as it has never been my favourite activity!


Not sure what to recommend other than a search on Amazon, as I am out of date as a result of Supply teaching, but there is published material available. Also not familiar enough with it but are there any SEAL resources that you could use?


Interactive and relevant would seem to be key words, though.


Have fun!

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