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Easter Egg Carriers


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Any ideas for easter egg carriers for my Nursery class.

I really want the children to make their own designs - perhaps with egg boxes.

Any ideas where to start - I don't want everyone to make the same thing.


Thanks, Tracey.

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How about a blank template of a basket/bag/box that the children can design and decorate.


Or take in a selection of baskets/bags/boxes to show the children looking at how they are made and how they think they could make one. Then set up your messy area with lots of containers, boxes, bags, card, glue, staples, cellotape, ribbon, etc,, and leave them too it!! :o


I love seeing what they come up with children are so imaginative!! :)


Hope you have fun!!!



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Try blowing up balloons then covering half of it in paper mashe. The next day, pop the balloon and you have a hand made basket that they can paint and decorate. If you pierce 2 holes in the top and then tie some string they have a handle. Have fun!! :D

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