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New Thread - Medical Discussions?

Medical thread - good idea?  

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  1. 1. Is a medical thread a good idea?

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    • No
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Whilst posting in the 'slap cheek' thread, I had a thought and wondered if the following would be both feasible and useful...?


There seems to be a steady influx of questions on different medical conditions, exclusion periods, advice and guidance to give to parents etc... and I wondered if a 'medical' thread could be started or be a 'pinned' thread in an appropriate thread.


It would save repeated questions being asked and could include requests for and examples of sick child policies, exclusion period info and be used as being a valuable resource for asking questions when a new situation arises, like the slap cheek example.


I appreciate that we are not medically trained, but the guidance that the forum inhabitants tend to give out is just guidance and personal experiences of dealing with illness... what do others think about this?


Please vote in the poll (if it works!) and add your comments...

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hmmm, thought provoking question, I have indicated 'not sure' because I think the new resource library can house example policies, exclusion info docs, etc. ( = no)

However, I can see why you think it may be useful to have all medical discussions in one place for ease of reference. (= yes)

On the other hand, how children and parents respond, along with the individual settings policies would the information contained in such a section , although very good, be just a bit too individual in context?. (=no)

It is good to know that others have or are experiencing same or similar needs in terms of providing for childrens health (= yes), but I personally feel that links to NHS direct etc are a more useful place for reference, ( = no) therefore, do we really need a specific thread. Not sure how much work there is for steve in terms of maintaining the individual themed threads. ( = not sure)




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I did ask Steve's permission before canvassing for opinion, but like you, Peggy, not sure what another thread or 'pinned' thread would involve.


I agree about the resource library (I keep forgetting that it's there!) but I was thinking more on the lines of "I've got a case of 'x' in my setting, what information do I have to give to parents/do I have to notify Ofsted/infection control unit?" etc...


This way people can signpost to NHS Direct for medical information (like I said in the original post, we are not medical experts and I would hate to think that someone had acted on advice given on here in isolation) but I think the support network of "I did this...." may help? And it also means that there won't be 'headlice' posts popping up every month or so and forum readers sitting at their computers itching (I bet you're doing it now, aren't you? :o )


Keep voting! (I like your thought processes Peggy - perhaps I'll try that one in meetings with headteachers :D )

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It's not a problem to setup a new forum area (rather than a pinned thread since that would probably also end up getting buried somewhere), but thanks for thinking of me! :D


I think the number of discussions recently on slapped cheek and other topics means it will probably be useful to gather them in one place, although it will of course have to be prefaced by a disclaimer that we are not experts and expert medical advice ought always to be sought.


I think the resource library would be complementary to the discussions, as people could then be pointed in the direction of documentation (eg headlice notification forms, since you got me itching RB...). :)

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Since my thoughts / queries have been commented on, I now have changed my mind to a yes :D


Thanks RB, but sometimes I think my thought processes are a bit like sitting on the fence. In my youth I used to make very quick decisions, not sure if it is age or maturity but now I find I take a bit of time, others views and mull things over and sometimes hope that someone else will make the decision for me. xD ( or is that called avoidance mode??)

If I played deal or no deal on telly, I know I would just call out the box numbers in order 1,2,3,4 etc, because then I wouldn't have to 'make a decision' and cause the programme to take a few hours rather than one. :(




AAAH, I can't change my vote, that will teach me not to ponder. :o:(



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I think that is a good idea. There are certainly a limited number of common illnesses etc that we come into contact with and having all the information in one place would make life easier. For instance, I personally have not come across 'slap cheek' but no doubt will at some point. At the moment I am only skimming the information being posted but might well want to look at it in more detail at some point in the future. Knowing where to look would make life easier. :D

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