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Slap Cheek Help Please


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Hi all


We currently have a few children who appear to have slap cheek at the moment.


We have looked in our yellow child health folder and have made our parents aware as we have quite a few pregnant mums at the mo!


The question I am asking is whether anyone knows if you can catch slap cheek twice?


One of our mums has said that you can't. And as her daughter has already had slap cheek that she hasn't got it again. Although she clearly appears to have. Even the child said 'I had slap cheek yesterday!'. If it was any other child we may assume that their perception of time is not good, but not this child, she is sharp as a knife.


I am sure some of your knowledgeable lot know alot more about this than me. I had never heard of slap cheek until I started working in pre-school (having raised 2 children of my own and having gone through pre-school and school with them without having heard of it!)


Many thanks in advance.

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I have just looked on the NHS direct site and it says "One infection is thought to confer lifelong immunity"-so your parent could be right. But it does say "thought" so I suppose it is possible to get it a second time.


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Our infection control unit has just published am A3 glossy poster for all our settings and it says that the period for a child to be away from school/nursery is 'none', so I would deduce that there is no need for a visit to the doctor and no treatment as such?


The other comments are: to be wary of vulnerable children (those with low immune systems, being treated for cancer/leukaemia etc) and obviously pregnant women, particularly in the first 20 weeks.


It doesn't answer if you can get it twice, but if our Children's Centre health co-ordinator is in today, I'll ask her!


***Update: our health person agrees that you usually only catch it once, but like chickenpox, there is the possibility of it being repeated to a lesser degree.

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