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How about incorporating the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. After reading the story, you could provide the props needed for the children to build the 3 houses. A bale of straw, some planks of sanded wood, and some 'bricks' (could use shoe boxes).

Provide selection of 'joining' materials such as string, rope, sellotape, gaffer tape and if you have some in your workshop area, some 'real' tools and nails. For 'cement' flour and glue mixed together is good - provide real trowels if poss. Clip boards, tape measures, pencils, copies of architect plans, Wicks/B&Q catalogues etc.

If all this could happen outside - all the better.


Good Luck, hope it goes well.

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A belated welcome from me too. What would the children like to build? small scale / large scale? Builders yard with 'real' bricks, looking at 'tools' of the trade, Any building sites nearby to visit ( perimiter only maybe)


Have fun, let us know what you decide to do.



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