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Please can someone clarify how long you need to keep personal information on children, e.g. registration forms, etc, after they leave your setting?


I have read and been told so many conflicting bits of information - so have come to the forum as I know someone will know the answer!


Thanks everyone.

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Hi Shelley I'm a childminder and its 21 years!!!! That's how long the insurance company covers me in case a child makes a claim when they're 19 for something they say I did to them when they were 2...... hmmmm

Sarah x :)

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Guest DeborahF

Yes I was told 21 years as well for everything - registers, accident books, confidential incident books, medication records....the lot! :o

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In true Running Bunny stylie - I have this at work!


We have just introduced a pre-inspection checklist for our new providers and we give them this information so they can think of effective storage methods. I'll attach it tomorrow


(Note to self, that's two things to do for the FSF at work)

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agree with others re: accident, medication, incident, registers, insurance ( although I have 40 yrs written in red ink on my insurance box, must have read it somewhere :o )


Registration forms and things like SENCO records, achievement records ( ie: I keep record of transfer copies for one year-to show Ofsted end year results) etc I think are shorter life span due to data protection legislation.


Look forward to RB's response xD


I do know this topic has been covered before, maybe a topic search may help as well.




and maybe I will print off the responses and keep in a safe place :(:(

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heres ours..... :o


Record length of time it should be kept


Financial records

Bank Statements 6 years

Bank Reconciliation’s 6 years

Remittance advice 6 years

Recipients cash balances 10 years

Sales ledgers 10 years

Correspondence re: donations 3 years


Insurance Certificates 40 years


Licence or Lease

Licensing agreement or lease 6 years


Staff records

All personal records 7 years

Individual wage slips 2 years

Time sheets 3 years

Accident Reports 21 years

Staff attendance records 21 years

National Insurance & Income Tax returns 7 years

Unsuccessful job application forms 4 months

Unsuccessful job interview records 4 months


Children’s Records

Accident reports 21 years 3 months

Medical records 30 years

Parents contact details 2 years

Details about child 2 years

Outing permission 2 years

Permission to administer medicine 21 years 3 months

Emergency treatment permission 21 years 3 months

Collection authority 21 years

Incident reports 21 years

Registers 21 years



Record of visitors 2 years


Committee, Students & Volunteers

Personal details 2 years

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Shelley, the reality is that there isnt always the room to store all this information so I was told by the PLA that you keep it until you run out of room . In our small cupboard I usually had room for 5 yrs of records once my box file was full yr 1 was shredded and yr 6 added. :D

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Running Bunny and Hali, can you let me know source of your information please, then I can acknowledge it should anyone ( ie: Ofsted) ask where the info came from???






p.s. I also think these would be useful to place in the resource section of the forum. :o

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