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can anyone help??After two years of wrangling with the wfru i have finally been registered for free milk for the children.Problem is, they are backdating my claim for the two years so i need to know how much milk cost PER PINT in 2005 and 2006.......................and whether it went up during that time??

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How long is a piece of string? :o

I pay different amounts depending on whether I go to Sainsburys, Aldi, Kwik Save or the corner shop. Have you got accesss to any receipts from those years? I think on the whole milk prices have stayed constant although dairy farmers may argue that point. :D

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I have the milk delivered to Pre-school by the milkman daily and claim from WRFU four months in arrears. (I have only just claimed from September - December 2006.)

Milk from the milkman was 47p per pint Jan - Aug 2005, then 49p per pint from Sept 2005 - Aug 2006. The milk is now 50p per pint from Sept 2006!!!!

I know it's a lot cheaper at the supermarket but it's delivered to the door and it is fully claimed back from the WRFU.


Can't help on supermarket prices for the time span you need - sorry.


Sue J

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Claimed the following from WRFU. Don't know before July 05 as only took over then. Had to backdate claim for a year.


In July, Sep and Oct, Nov, Dec 05 we paid 22 per 1/3 of a pint so that is 66 p per pint


For Jan to Dec 06 we paid 23 p per 1/3 which is 69 p per pint.


Believe price was due to go up Jan 07


We are just about to start using Cool Milk for Schools which means I don't have to fill in the forms, pay the milkman or claim it back. Hope it works out alright!



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