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Looks like I may be joining this topic board in February. We received our letter from our EYDCP about the transformation fund and I forgot to send it. I sent it about two months late thinking nothing of it because I would miss out now and this morning I received confirmation that they are funding most of it (I have only got £60) to pay. So i rang the OU thinking it would now be too late for Feb anyway and she said I was lucky as today was the last day for applications!!! I feel a bit overwhelmed with it all now I wasn't expecting to be studying next year. When I did my level 3 I found out i was pregnant about a week after I started. what with that and the fact that two months before I had just taken over running the pre-school they told me to only go for an E grade - which I did. But I have to say I did find the level 3 really easy, so I am going to attempt to do both of the certificates together and have it done by October ! Gulp :o . Anyway I know these boards are great for support and advice so I may just need some next year, looking forward to it though



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