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Hi -

A new member, Twinkle, has asked me to post this message for her. Any help would be gratefully received:




I wondered if you could help me?

I'm going for an interview for a deputy job and I have a question to answer and I have to talk for 5 mins about how I would implement the learning goals for the children.


I'm quite aware of the learning goals as I already learn and teach but I am nervous about this question and I just hope that I use the right words.

I do really want this job because ive been offered a job to work overseas with a well known flight company.


So I wondered if you give me some tips how to do well with my interview please.


Thank you


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hi, its truely awful when the mind goes blank so


Play is the first thing that springs to mind.

Could you describe how the goals could be met through play in a variety of areas, ie sand 7 water meeting mathematical goals, creative etc. and talk malleable materials as fine motor/ physical/writing.


Any good?



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I'd go that way too, Susan; I would talk a bit about areas of a setting that promote learning, and in particular the importance of quality interaction between the staff and the children during their play, with appropriate questioning techniques to encourage their language and thinking.

I'd also have one activity up my sleeve to demonstrate the possibility of learning across all six areas of the curriculum.

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Hmm, interesting question. I agree with both Susan and Helen, and particulalry have an example or two to illustrate any point you make.

But when I read you question, my first thought was, deputy for what? Is it a nursery school, infant or primary or something else? The reason I ask is that I think id take a different path according to the requirements of the post. If the post is in a primary, for example, as deputy you may not be actually teaching in the FS but it may be a weakness of the school that they need to address. If this was the case, then you may need to look at issues of staffing, experience and qualifications of staff, monitoring and training etc etc. These are the sorts of issues that as a manager you may have to deal with, without even being in a FS classroom.

If on the other hand, the post is actually in, say, a nursery school, where you are likely to be very 'hands on', then you may want to look more at te curriculum coverage.


Hope that isnt too confusing, BTW, wlecome twinkle. and good luck, let us know if you get the job :D:D

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