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Ive had such a lovely if absolutely exhausting day today.

It was our Christmas Family Day when parents grandparents younger brothers and sisters could all come and join us in a range of Christmas activities before dressing the Christmas trees.

We had an excellent turn out and everyone said how much they had enjoyed it including me :D

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What a lovely idea Marion! Was it just in the FSU and what kinds of activities did you do? Aren't I nosey ? We had an 'Autumn Trail' day in our FSU but we did find space was tight, how did you organise all the people? I might pinch the idea for next year if you don't mind, we're fully booked with other things until the end of term now!

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yes it was just in the FSU today we do have whole school family days occasionally.

all the activities were set up so parents and children could do them without much input leaving staff free to talk to parents.

We had a bee bot Christmas maze to find the present at the end

stain glass lanterns

Christmas stars two triangles to cut out and make into a star shape then added art straws to form the rays from the star which were taken outdoors to be sprayed gold or silver (dont think my nails will ever be clean........is metallic in?)

Christmas stockings punched for sewing pattern

IWB Millies Mouse Skills dress the Christmas tree

making robin biscuits with red icing sugar glace orange slice for beak and mini chocolate button eyes (not very healthy but fun)

Christmas angels made from a cone

A giant rudolph with no antlers..........the children drew around their hands and cut them out to build him a fine set :D

paper plate santa face collage

thumb print robin wrapping paper patterns

hand/foot print angels

Christmas spice playdough with Christmas cutters brown sugar and sultanas

Everyone made a party hat ready for our Christmas party

mini Christmas trees to decorate with glitter sequins etc


then everyone helped to decorate the trees (we had one for the morning and one for the afternoon) the youngest child in each session completed the tree with the star

Christmas music coffee and mince pies and lots of goodwill :D


because we have different children in for morning and afternoon nursery we asked the reception parents which session they would like to attend (some came to both) so numbers didnt get out of hand. It was a bit of a squeeze especially decking the tree but no one seemed to mind.

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yey we do something very similar... have lots of activities out that the children can access with their parents. we make mince pies during the afternoon then the parents can try them with their coffee and I get all the ones that are left :D


we always get very poitive feedback from parents saying how nice it is for them to come in and see what we do at this time of the year... we have our biggest turn out yet this year ... we filled 3 classrooms and had to overflow into the outdoor area :o

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