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I started my new job two weeks ago and I was asked for:


National Insurance Number (Obviously!)


2 References (I took 2 with me but had to supply a name and address for my employers to send a letter to asking for a third. Had to be from a named place, in this case, a former nursery I worked in)


Identification for the CRB check




Plus I have had to fill in various forms giving my personal details, one of which I received back today with my wages which basically states my position, annual rate, monthly rate, hourly rate, hours of work, notice required and whether or not there is a probationary period, which in my case is 6 months.


Hope that helps!

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Im just remembering off the top of my head for the moment......

when appointing/checking new staff we ask for

-2 refences preferably the most recent past employers,

- CRB checks which also gives us the chance to see ID and proof of address,

- a full list of their employment history (which we return to the employee).

- we ask to see original certificates and ask for copies of the main qualifications that prove they are qualified for the job, (+ first aid certificates/ health and safety/ food hygiene)



that list doesnt feel complete but I hope its a start

(you know the feeling when you go shopping and you have forgotten something???)

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Guest DeborahF

Original copies of certificates - particularly ones relating to any initial qualification -are very important. Recently I've come across two cases of staff being employed when they SAID they were qualified and actually they weren't! Sad but true. And put copies of all correspendence between yourself and the member of staff, e.g. offer and acceptance of job, any proposed changes to pay, working hours, etc. etc.

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Recent Ofsted in our area made a comment on report about continued suitably checks, because we did not have a declaration in our health forms about how much alcohol they drink each week in units and if they use recreational drugs, how often!

Ours is much as Peggys


Also need a page for annual update declaration for signing by staff to say there have been no changes or if there has what are they?



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Hi, I have recently updated our induction procedure and staff vetting in line with new legislation DfES - Safeguarding Children and Safer Recuitment’ you can obtain this publication from the DfES website and it recommends the items listed in the attached doc.

Hope tis is of some help,



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Hi Andy, Thanks for the checklist, very useful.

Just a quick query, How do we gain information from the list 99 ?


I also recall reading somewhere, I think the DfES site, about our responsibility as employers to report to the list ( I think) should (god forbid) any member of our staff be charged with an offence against a child.



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