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Does anyone know of a free site that has free maths work sheets for 3-5 year olds


I do lots of practical work with my children, but parents like to see work sheets. :)





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Oh! We were discussing this yesterday. A parent once complained to me that her daughter aged 2 yrs and 8 months, wouldnt sit to write her name. I spoke to committee and staff and we organised a day for parents to come in and take part in activities. Each activity had a laminated sheet which gave a run down of what can be learnt/developed from playing in the sand/dough/painting/climbing frame etc. Staff were engaged too, modelling language, explaining what maths experience the children were gainig from making the dough, playing with the cars etc.

It was a really useful day, we learnt as much about the parents as they did about the FS.

I think it's really part of our job to educate parents to some extent too. I was lucky being playleader that I could make those decisions, if you're not in that position it must be very hard when what you do is seen as not enough by people who basically dont understand and who feel the need to push their children.

And to answer your question... sorry I dont know where to get work sheets from. :D:D

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I agree completly with Rea. We need to demonstrate to parents why we do what we do to help them understand. I used to take photos of activities, find some examples of early recording, or pictures, or models or whatever demonstrate the maths area they were working towards, and and make a display emphasising the the Maths focus. I also added a small mind-map of the cross-curricular links. Perhaps a parents session where they are given a worksheet to complete and then a practical activity with the same learning objective ,and follow this up with a discussion on which they felt was the most effective for learning.

I did send Maths 'homework' home occasionally which was set out on a sheet, but always made the homework practical. The sort of thing like draw your door and write the number on it. Or a small chart for them to record the weather each day in half-term and write the day underneath if they could.

I'm sure that there will be sites for Maths sheets on the web- have you tried the Hamilton Trust?

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