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Nativity With A 21st Century Twist...


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As we were racking our brains about what to do with our children aged 2 - 5 years for christmas play, we stumbled across a most brilliant book.


e-mail jesus@Bethlehem..... by Hilary Robinson....


Have any of you read it, its great,....


the humour in it will only really be caught on by parents watching it, but the message behind the nativity is still there just in a real fun way...


we will throw in traditional songs and give children parts (be it some none traditional LOL, ) but it should be good....


if any of you have read the book let me know what you think of it... i am hoping our parents will love it, fingers crossed anyway



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ha ha... yeah us too... our play had GPS, SAT NAV and The X-Factor to mention but a few modern day references... makes it more funny and MORE REAL! :o

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