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Our next topic is homes. Could anybody help me with any fiction books about homes or buildings.

I can only think of traditional stories like the 3 pigs.


Thanks very much



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hi and welcome to the forum


there is a lovely picture book think its called house


This Is Our House

by Michael Rosen


The Hidden House

by Martin Waddell,


duncans tree house


ladybird moves home

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Hi and welcome. These are some of the books we have used for our topic on Homes


 Bob the Builder stories

 My Home (non-fiction)

 Homes and Houses (non-fiction)

 Shapes at Home (non-fiction)

 This is the House that Jack Built (big book)

 Moving Molly

 Bear at Home

 The Three Little Pigs (various version – including big book, & books & cassette)

 Home Before Dark

 A New Home for Tiger

 Kipper’s Tree House

 Where, oh where is Kipper’s Bear?

 Six Dinner Sid

 At Home with Tom & Pippo

 The House on the Rock – Nick Butterworth

 This is Our House (sharing)

 Peace at Last

 Ten in a Bed –

 Mrs Wishy Washy

 Where’s Julius (dens & fantastic places)


Fantasy Homes

 Rapunzel- tower

 Cinderella - palace

 Little Red Riding Hood - cottage


Hope they are useful :o

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Wow! What a list! The only one I can contribute is an Usbourne book called Moving House. Can't remember the author, but it is basically about a family with children who move house. Will have a look for it and let you know the details if you want them.


Oh, and welcome to the forum from me too!

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Guest DeborahF

How about Alfie Gets in First by Shirley Hughes - maybe a bit long for the younger ones but our older children loved it - or One Snowy Night (Percy the Park Keeper series)?


There's this rhyme too:


Build a house with five bricks

One, two, three, four, five (Use clenched fists for bircks, putting one on top of the other five times)

Put a roof on top (Raise both arms above head with fingers touching)

And a chimney too (Straighten arms )

Where the wind blows through

WHOO WHOO (Blow hard or whistle)


(from This Little Puffin I think)!

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