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Hello - Can I ask some advice (urgently needed). What sort of assessment sheets are people using? Are tick lists better than a traffic light system? If so, why?


May sound silly but I have an assignment on this due in on Monday - HELP!!! :lol


Many thanks

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welcome to the site and thanks for your post.

We use a combination of tick lists and statements about the children. We have the stepping stones for each area of learning and highlight those at the end of each term.

Hope this is of some help


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Hi there, hj4at, as Linda, says, welcome and thanks for posting.

What are you studying and what age group are you referring to. No, its not silly to ask, that's why we all come here.


We only use tick sheets to record which children have done a parfticular activity, especailly useful when you want them all to make mother's days cards or whatever.

Like Linda, we highlight the stepping stones, but these are done in a different colour for each term. The traffic lights I think you refer to we used to use for whole school maths assessments or to show what we had covered in our planning.


Come back to us with some more specific detail and we will be able to help you some more.

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hi and welcome


tick sheets can have a place but rarely show more than yes/ no; can/can not if you think about it.

By traffic lights I guess you mean the red for consolidated, orange needs more practise and green can't. or vice versa or some such . (You may already have guessed we don't use that)


but we encouraged to use the triangle-- one side for experienced. 2 sides for needs more practise, 3 sides for achieved, coloured in for consolidated.

This can be added to and done in different colours to show progress.


Tick sheets are not recommended evidence in profile compilation in my LEA. Presume everyone else is being advised that.



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we dont use tick sheets except for 2 1/2 yr olds who dont follow the foundation staage.

We made up individual plant plans with all the stepping stones on and highlight in one colour for each half term, and date when the child has achieved the goal.

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Hello, firstly I had no idea I would come up as hj4at - my real name is Jane. Thanks for all your replies!!!


In reply I am in my final BEd year and this is my last assignment (Just 8 weeks of placement to go!). I am referring to record sheets in the foundation stage. I have had to devise an assessment activity, to be done by a TA , with regard to the early learning goals in mathematical development. I have to justify the type of record sheet the TA will use to record the assessment - so, if I am using say traffic lights, then what makes that effective? Why is that a good record sheet? There is very little written about record sheets and whether one is better than the other - perhaps that means it doesn't matter - who knows!!!! :o

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