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Just want to thrash this out and see what everyone else thinks about this.

here goes. What would you think if the head told you that the christmas play and party was going to be in the same morning,with the morning and afternoon children in one session.


We are doing a join production with reception and will have all the parents there for the play. After we will separate and the parents of the nursery children and children will then go to the nursery to have party games and food with only 2 adults at the moment and one student.


One good point is that it is encouraging parent/school links


Issues: It is over ratio!!!

What other health and safety issues could there be

How am I going to get all the party food organised as well as get them ready.


I know if Im super organised it may work if we have more adults.

Any thoughts have asked to speak to head tomorrow.



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have done this in pre-school, with lots of organisiong and help it actually worked.


Parents changed the children after the play for the party, then we had a few help us with the children while the others went for a social event together, coffee, raffle cakes etc.


Parents were available if we needed another hand. we had an entertainer which helped, parents sorted out the food etc but we did find we needed all hands on deck,


sounds a bit scary but with timetable and lots of helpers can work



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thanks for your thoughts.

This is also the first time i have organised a play and it is all a bit new to me at the mo being my first year in teaching. Just need some support which hopefully once i have spoken to the head i will get.

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My initial feeling is that it's a bit too much for children and adults alike. However, IF, you had lots and lots of help it could be a nice way to relax after the play and a chance for everyone to let their hair down.


We sing happy birthday to Jesus at the end of our nativity and blow out the candles on His cake, then share it with parents over a cup of tea which is quite nice. No anti climax after the show, pleasant socialising and there's still a lot of straw to tidy up afterwards!!

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