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Bonfire Night


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Hi all,

Missed you (computer was down & out)

Has anyone got some good educational links for IWB re: bonfire night suitable for Reception?

Inter active games etc. ?

(tired NQT who admits they haven't looked on www yet - pc sorted .... but functioning v...e...r...y..slowly!)


Skylight xD:o

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Have you tried the 'welephant' website? Not looked at it this year but used it last year for a lovely story and colouring picture. A friend of ours who is a fire safety officer in the local fire brigade also recommends one called firekills.gov (hope that's right) apparently there are units for different year groups,. Also the Tweenies website usually put something on there too at this time of year.






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Thanks everyone,

Pc definiately has something still wrong as all links seem to take forever to change - so having info. to go straight for it a big help! Will get a better browse tomorrow at school (and hope my ICT friend can come and visit me soon!!)

All the best



Thanks Susan .. I saw that earlier in a search and looking forawrd to using it as I thought it was great. I had a really inspirational drama tutor on the PGCE & it brought back some recall of his techniques! (poor brain is somewhat fried and functioning short term!!)

Just one general question to everyone ... is there any particular reason for the tradition of treacle toffee or black peas in relation to bonfire night?

Thinking of incorporating peas into the cooking side of things!

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Thanks Kermitt

Great sites / have had to look in the end as trying to plan etc. (just need some oil for my 'machine' to go a bit quicker!)

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