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Words For "ss" And "gg"


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I wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has on hand these books and could have a look on what things the children will find in the related pages, be it words that begin with these corresponding letter sounds or that the sound is in the middle or the end. Sorry... I left my copies at school xD .


Thanks in advance!


:o Why is it that the topic title comes wrong? I keep editing it for "Ss" and "Gg" and it comes out "ss" and "gg". Is there something wrong, Steve?

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I have 'snake, snail, spider, sun, sunfloer, spot, scrared' for Ss and 'glug, gurgle, goose, goat... not sure if gift' for Gg in the handwriting workbooks, but I don't recall all the pictures in the big book.


I let the children come to the big book (or later individually to the finger book) to find something that has that letter sound. That is not limited only to this. They can also express other things they know would have this letter sound, even find it in the classroom.


Each week I give the parents a list of words related to their phonics work and I include the things that they will discover in the big book. So I feel I will be 'short' this week :o .

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confused - are you asking about these as digraphs or just the capital/lowercase of one grapheme? Cos /ss/ is familiar but i'ld never seen /gg/ as a digraph! But I s'pose it is as you don't separate out the phoneme.....the wonders of the english phonemic system eh!


/g/ has got gurgle (the action) glug, gold, beg,hug

/s/ has got sun,snake (the action) sand,nest, spots.



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