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Oh dear. you may remember that before chnaging my avatar for the 'make a stand campaign', i had for many years, my wiggling fish... i thought i had saved him somewhere but have searched high and low and alas, he is nowhere to be found.


Can anyone help out a weary old woman? I'll be eternally grateful... (might even give you a gold star!)

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Weary you may be but old you are not!!!


Not sure Im much good though as I hate searching clipart and the like! Hope someone else can help. Although Im sure my avatar is saved as a download, are you sure hes not there in your controls somewhere?????

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Did I get the right one?!!! Can't believe that! I just did a google search and came across it, didnt dream it would be the one you used.


Thanks for the star - it helps make me even more sparkly hehehe!


P.S. Your avatar still shows as the 'Stand Up...' one for me at the moment?



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