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Guest Wolfie

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Guest DeborahF

We've been asked to come up with this policy whilst working towards a quality mark award - has anyone already got one that they would be willing to share? :o


Many thanks!

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Do you know, we haven't! I'm thinking I might need to write one, as that is very much our style of work these days


Thanks for the thought - if I come up with anything any good I'll let you know!



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This sounds really interesting. It would be good to know how achieveable it is - does anyone have any personal experience of how a policy like this works in practice?

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Been reading your blog and its very reasurring! I am working on the basis it can only get better!

I think our problem is the staff they dont like change- its sooo! frustrating, even to the fact that my supervisor who has been with me for years has handed her notice in! Shes been working with our childrens interest sheets and cant seem to get her head around the fact that they have so many interest and how can she possibly plan for all the children all the time. we have been advised to fill in a daily planning sheet at the end of each day for the following day, under workshop areas, such as Graphics- making train tickets (in line with our role play train station)is do you do a planning sheet if so how is it layed out-what content?


Can you help with LTP and MTP

Ours was topic based and showed ELG's- now it looks so bare I am wondering whether we have the wrong end of the stick as we thought we dont even chosse the ELG's for each term either- Its hard as we have no Early Years Mentor they cant fill the vacancy- havent had one for over a year now good aye! so feel we are going in a bit blind!

As for a MTP we dont have one- can you help or shed any light on this.


Are you able to send me a copy of your? Any help advice would be very much appreciated, Im quite uneasy that other staff will now follow the supervisor!



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Rea, we had our early years mentor in today and we were discussing LTP and MTP.


She advised that the MTP should list the stepping stones you wish to cover under each area of learning for the specified time (ours is half termly). Along with this document is a sheet showing key experiences/activities/opportunities under the relevant headings e.g sand, water, creative workshop etc. Obviously the medium term plans and the short term plans are affected by observations and are subject to change from day to day.


LTP are the stepping stones which we aim to cover over the 2 year period.


Hope this helps.


Have attached our medium term plans if they are of use to anyone



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I have remembered to bring home the policy and will attempt to attach it. I've had to scan it in two parts.

Here goes...


I've had to adit this post because it wont work.

Try again...



And here's the second page...

Sorry they have scanned so strangely, just read my signature! xD

They do enlarge though.


And that was two seperate posts so I really have no idea what happened there, and I'm happy in my ignorance :D


How come when i type something it goes onto one post? Is it magic???? :o



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