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Staff Training Matrix?


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Hello all hope everyones well!


We are constantly sending our staff out on different training courses some which expire and some that don't.

I felt that it would be handy to have a staff training matrix/grid on my notioce board that would show an overview of all the training that each staff member has attended and when they expire e.g first aid so i could immediatley see on one chart when people needed to update training and which staff haved attended which courses!


If anyone uses any thing like this or knows where i could obtain any thing like this i would be really grateful as i can't think of a way of designing one myself - my mind has goned blank!!


Many Thanks



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There's one on the wall at the nursery I'm currently working in, I'll take a look tomorrow and get back to you. I know it was drawn up by the management. My old playgroup have a folder with training each person would like to do and needs to do (not always the same thing), columns are ticked as training is booked and attended. :D

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