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so after stressing loads about the atmosphere at work and the lack of support i was receiving from my senior team i decided to talk to them today.


I looked at their job desrciptions today and marked off what i felt each one of them was doing okay, and which points they were not doing. I then presented this to them.


My senior cried on me, which made me feel awaful but as we chatted i realsised that things ran deeper than i thought they did. She was unhappy at work, felt others didn't talk to her or listen to her and she felt unsupported by me.


I was pleased to hear that she could tell me (be it through tears) that she felt unsupoprted by me (granted it didn't make me feel very good, but it has helped me to think about what I can do to change this).


She felt that she was uninformed on some things, and again once she put her point across i could see where she was coming from on some issues.... so we have decided that we (as in myself, the deputy and the senior) are going to get together for 20 mins a week to air any issues, discuss roles / expectations / events for the week etc.... I think that this will help us all feel informed and will help communication links (im hoping anyway!, what do others think?)


I have chatted with her about her asserting her authority towards the other members of staff and she is going to try this more.


I have asked her what i can do to help her feel happier and she has said she is not sure but she will think about it and let me know. she has also said she will tell me staright away if she is not happy, so that we can iron it out before an atmosphere develops.


when she left the office we both felt that the air and been cleared and the atrmopshere in the afternoon was a million times better :D


I then chatted with my deputy, who was a little different in her response... she did not take too kindly to me saying she needs to stop gossiping, in fact she denied doing it..... i could see it spiralling into a huge debate that we didn't need to explore really, so we left it at agreeing that we were all going to be mindful about the things discussed with staff members (ie if its not needed to be said then don't say it!, to which she agreeed albeit reluctantly)


I then chatted to her about her move to another room, and she feels she is struggiling (but again she has not told me this prior to our chat today) so now i know, i can do something about it.


she also felt i had been giving her the cold shoulder, which i hadn't intentionally been doing, i apologised and the deputy said it may have been that she misinterpreted things.


we left it agreeing that we all need to communicate more....


i am actually pleased at how it went, felt it could have been a whole lot worse!... and i can enjoy my weekend without worrying about going back to work.


communication really is the key isn't it?



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Good for you, it's amazing how something can appear to others, good to clear the air too.


A bit of a different slant, but I find emailing very useful for keeping colleagues and chairperson up todate, asking for their views and sometimes having a moan (not at them, with them).


Usually sending them all the wonderful things I find on this site. I've found this, perhaps we should try that .... they just love me!!!!!


I do deal with a lot of the paperwork so I guess it works for me. Obviously not everybody likes the computer.


Have a glass of wine now!

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What an achievement Dawn, considering you were so nervous, but you have done the right thing and if nothing else, you have showed that you are willing to sort out issues and that you can be approached.


Hopefully, your staff members will heed your words today and positive changes will follow. Communication really is the key and now those lines have been opened, it really is important to keep them open, to avoid these difficult, stressful situations for all concerned.


Well done and enjoy your stress free weekend! :D

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Well done Dawn, I think all three of you will have a better weekend because of your proactive actions, and all be on a much better start on Monday. :D


I also used email to communicate with my manager, as Deb suggested, sending ideas I had seen from the forum. ( this was just one of many communication methods)



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