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Staff ~ Give Me Strength To Deal With Them


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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, staff..... xD


i just want to cry or get damm angry, one of the two... not sure which :o


What an earth do you do when your deputy is blatently ignoring you in parts.... i mean i gave her the planning (completed) all she had to do was carry out activity and observe... she didn't do it. This week she has done no planning.... (now i asked her if she understood it last week and she said she did) so why is she not doing it? ~ and if she didn't understand it she could have told me this week.


she left a student in the room alone with the children (granted she was only in the hallway but still the student was alone). I told her not to leave this student alone, and she mumbled some excuse about having to talk to another staff member... then no more than 30 mins later she left the student again whilst she hoovered the hallway (even though i told her not to leave the student!)


The deputy and senior have been bitching all day about somethings (not sure what!)


now with regards to my deputy if she is:


: Not doing the planning

: Leaving students alone

: and instigating bitching


does this call for a disiplinarary do you think?, or just a firm word. I know the bitching has been going on way before i started and instigated by her, she never did planning in baby room either so this too has been an ongoing problem (old manager never dealt with).

if i do have to go to a disipinarary with her how do i stand if she leaves the office and then goes and bitches again, or talks to parents etc about what has been discussed.... would this be yet another call for disiplinarary?.


I think i need to sit with her and go through her job description with her to ask her how she feels she meets each point ~ would that be appropritae do you think.


As for my senior, she is still in her probationary period and needs to be reminded of that fact, the way she is going i am not likely to be making her contract permeanent if she does not start to do her job properly :(


do you know i feel like i am doing it all alone at the moment, my deputy does not suport me and nor does my senior... im very stressed and really angry at the situation.... im only human too and sometimes i wish that my staff would recognise that and just treat me as a person (with her own set of stresses and strains in life (another story!!) rather than as a piece of sh*t :( .... (sorry!!!! ~ moan, moan , moan, LOL)



hmmmmmm, staff eh



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yes dawn staff can be hard work at times it just goes with the job im afraid :o Sleep on it,it wont seem as bad in the morning :) However YOU will have to deal with it and yes going over her job description is a good idea.It sounds like its a case of Im not doing that,have you an early years advisor you could talk to perhaps?

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Hi Dawn


Might be a daft question, but just wondering whether your setting has scheduled regular staff appraisals, more than once a year, if not schedule some asap?


Appraisals, carried out well, are the ideal opportunity to seek out staff's thoughts and feelings as to how things are going, how they are feeling, where they see themselves developing etc and gives them a chance to air and discuss any problems and to go through their job descriptions and see whether they are applicable or not.


May be an ideal opportunity to 'thrash out' things with your deputy and senior before getting to the disiplinary stage, you can make sure staff are all aware that you are not going to accept staff ignoring your directives and any negative behaviour (bitching) in your nursery as it is creating a negative environment for the staff and children and that if things do not change immediately verbal warnings will be made.


Good luck in whatever you decide to do.



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You do need to deal with this asap, but obviosuly when you are calm and in diplomatic manager role.


Yo cant let something like go or or set a precedence for other staff. I would make sure you know the disciplincary precedure and begin to use, as the others have said I expect this would begin with a verbal warning? Soemtimes You hve to pul rank,I know its not always popular but thats the world of managment.

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:) Thanks for advice everyone,


I am still feeling stressed over it, which just really shows me that it needs to be dealt with :o


I am on a course today, but intend to deal with it all tommorow, at least that way the staff concerned have time to process it all over the weekend, which i think will be helpful. And if i do it before the weekend at least then i will be able to relax myself over the weekend.


hmmmm, welcome to the world of management :( ....


i know i can challenge them over this, and i know that the directors beleive i can deal with all 'managerial' things otherwise i wouldn't have been made manager... but this is the first 'staff' hurdle i have had to overcome and i guess i fear (maybe that's not the right word?), but guess i am worried about their reactions... equally i think that the two staff concerned are just pushing their luck and daring me to challenge them, so that is what i am going to have to do.....


its certanly not worth getting stressed over i don't think.... sometimes i wish i could just leave work at work xD



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What a shame you are having to deal with this so soon after your inspection! May be that's the answer, the fact that it's been done, does she feel that she can slack off now!! You all obviously worked well together to get through the inspection, so I can't understand why it wouldn't give her a great sense of achievement and want to continue doing a great job. Maybe she's jealous!!

Definately give her a verbal, this may make her think a little about her actions. If she does 'bitch' then give a written warning! It can be very awkward for other staff, if she does gossip with them, it doesn't mean they think the same. They are most probably feeling bad about listening to her gripes, but are not able to stand up to her. She is a professional and as such, should do the work, if not find another job!!


Hope it all goes well



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Remeber Dawn big deep breth then I would would think a Staff appraisal would be your best bet. they have both only been in their posts a sort time do an apprasal and remind them that confidentiality does cover appraisals as well. Get a good nights sleep and start each day like you mean it!!!! good luck

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good advice already.


I think the main way a 'manager' gets the staff support is to let them know where they stand, let them know clearly your expectations, rules and boundaries, show strength in your convictions ( don't waver) and remain consistent. A bit like dealing with children actually :o


But these people are not children, treat them as professionals in the sense that you expect their professional behaviour and hopefully they will respond and start acting like professionals.


These staff obviously need managing, and who better than you. You know you need to, yes, it is difficult, especially the first time you have to assert your role, but you will feel better about it once the dust settles.


Be proactive and not reactive, YOU have the position to set the tone for the setting, don't let the negative staff have that power.


Have a good nights rest, sort it tomorrow and enjoy your weekend. :D



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When I saw the post title I guessed it was from you Dawn! You are certainly not alone, and you're not in a very nice position at the moment.

It's awful having to deal with things like this, and I full understand how stressed you are.


As easy as it sounds, try not to dwell on it for too long. Try to address things asap. I know it's really hard but unfortunately it has to be done.


We are all behind you on this. You never know, she might even hand in her notice!!! (wishful thinking) x

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