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Hi -

To try and help increase the chatroom usage, some lovely people have volunteered to be in the chatroom at regular times. Obviously they can't guarantee to be there, but if you are amongst the many who have PMd me asking when the best times might be, these are they!


Thanks to Cat33, Susan, Mundia, Linda and Hali who have volunteered to be available at these times:


Susan and Chris, 8pm till 9pm on Mondays.


Linda on Tuesdays, 8pm till 9pm.


Mundia 8pm till 9pm Wednesday


Hali, 8pm till 9pm Thursday

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Any chance of "a guide for idiots on how to get in to chat" just for me!!!!!


Whenever I come here I never log in anywhere - I have the site saved in my favourites so its just a quick click and here I am! No idea about user names and passwords :o


Many thanks.

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Hi there Geraldine.

Your user name is Geraldine, ie the name we all know you by.

When you first registered, you will have been asked to choose a password. If you have forgotten it, Im sure Steve can help you out with a new one, if you speak to him really nicely. :o



Hope to see you in the chat room soon


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