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Researching The Transition From Reception To Year1


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Can you please help a very distressed degree student? :o


I am currently undertaking research and I have put in reams and reams of work but I fear this could all fall flat on it's face. xD


Even though I have contacted and sent out questionnaires to a number of schools and teachers, replies have been limited to say the least.


I have a short questionnaire for teachers currently teaching Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. I aim to find out what problems, If any, they have experienced with the transition between Reception and Year 1, and whether the way to resolving these problems would be to bring the foundation stage curriculum up further into Year 1. Obviously this would in turn affect the year " teacher if SATS were not abolished first.


I have had a meeting with Gail Bedford, the lady who is heading the research into this area for the Dfes, which was extremely interesting, however I now need the Primary research to add some weight to my own research.




I don't know if or how I could put the Questionnaire on to this site (except for retyping it all out)


Therefore perhaps it would be best if you could Email me at:




I would be extremely grateful for your time and consideration.


P.S. I have used this site many times and have picked up some good thoughts on this area, however I think it perhaps needs to be in a tighter question / answer format for me to get the most out of this topic for my own research!! :)

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Hi Amanda,


How much time have you got before you have to hand this in?


If time is really too short to do a quantative study, what about doing a case study on one or two schools in your area, to support your existing work?


Interviews with staff covering the transition from Foundation to key stage one could prove very interesting!


Hope you get lots of feedback,


Kindest regards,



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Guest Jillbetts

:D Hi Amanda

Part of my job includes supporting children in transition in the foundation stage. If I can be of any help please ask. I could also write realms and realms on this subject, but I am unsure of what you require. If I can help I will.

Jill :o

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Hi Amanda -

If it would help I could put an online questionnaire up for you, which members could fill in on the website. The result from each response would then be emailed through to you individually.


You can see the sort of thing I've done before by clicking here.


Of course, if you already have all the questions ready to send as an email to any member that wants to fill it in, that may be just as convenient for you?


Regards, Steve.

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WOW! Thanks to you all for offering me a life line.


Steve, My Questionnaires really need to be in 2 weeks time really. It would be great if you could put an online questionnaire up for me. Thanks. Do you want me to type up the questions here? :D:D



Roe, That's a great idea! :D



Jill, Yes I need your help!! I have been trying to find someone in this position. Can you Email me asap? I can then explain what I am looking for.

Thanks :D:D:D


Thanks to you all and this site is GREAT!!

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Thanks Nichola can you Email me off line then I can email you my questionnaire direct from my word documents.


Email : lee.sweet2@btopenworld.com


Waiting to hear from you, thanks for your help! :D

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Hi -

For any reception, year 1 or year 2 teachers who have a couple of minutes and would like to help Amanda with her research, I've posted her questionnaire here.


Any help, I'm sure would be gratefully received, and it will be interesting to hear the results of her work! :)



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Guest Jillbetts


:o Sorry its taken me so long to reply to your email. Busy at the end of half term. Have completed the questionaire Hope that you get it not sure it went. I went to another site and had to come back. If you did not recieve it email and i'll do it again and try again.




regards Jill

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Guest Jillbetts

:o Hi Steve

Thankyou for sending on questionaire.

Sorry I have not said that sooner have been in hospital with daughter and have now returned home.


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I too am just about to undertake research in this area. I am currently at the early stages of seeing what's aout there on the literature front and have realised it is a bit limited. Please share any research hints and tips on this topic, as I am not too sure where to start with it all!


How are you getting on with your resarch now? Better I hope! :o

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