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And The Verdict Was........


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well ofsted have been and gone and.....


we provide good care.


we provide good education


and i am a suitable person to be the manager.....


I am so pleased and proud! proud of the staff and children and proud of myself.


The inspector loved our planning and implementation of activities

she loved that our children help with many aspects ie making tea

she loved that the children were able to choose there own toys

she said the staff were attentive, caring, fully aware of policies and procedures and confident in their roles.


we got one satisfactory overall and that was on the being safe (as parents had not signed children in and we hadn't noticed oooppppsssss!!)


only two recommendations, one was to have a letter board in pre-school room ~ i could have kicked myself because up until two weeks ago we had one in there!!!!

second reccomendation was to ammend equal opps policy, which the director is doing anyway.


we are a chain of four nurseries all recently insepected and we are the only one that have got good for both care and education!!! ~ oh how smug do i feel LOL xD


oh im sooooo happy, and now i can go to enjoying my annual leave again... back to work Tuesday :o we are going for a meal next thursday (everyone at work) to celebrate....



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A BIG HUGE, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to you and your team Dawn! What a fantastic result! You're obviously doing a brilliant job! :D


Thank you clare....


it is such a confidence boost to know we are doing it right and that i am managing the team effectively.



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You deserve to be smug, well done.

Mind you when I didn't sign a child in during my 2003 Inspection I was given an unsatisfactory and immediatte action with a stern telling off about "what in the event of a fire....." :o


I'm so glad that recent Inspectors are using more common sense and recognising that we are all human and even though a register isn't marked we still know who's in, who's doing what and what is going on. :D


have a great celebration, you can really enjoy your leave now and really enjoy your 'formal' professionally Ofsted Inspected manager status :D



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