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I am currently leacturing students on preperation for employment within in the Early Years. I wish to give them some quizs however i have been unable to find any. I was wondering if anybody has any links to quiz's or any quiz's you have used. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. Many thanks :D

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Hmm. Perhaps if we come up with enough questions between us we could make the worlds first Foundation Stage quiz?


Here's question 1:


What age range does the FS cover?


1 Pre-natal

2 2.5 - 7 years

3 3 - 5 years

4 None of the above


Well, just a thought. Any other additions?

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HI Mella


no quiz questions im afraid but have applied for a lecturing post and if i get an interview i will suggest occational quizes as a fun way of getting students to demonstrate any knowledge aquired.


hope you dont mind me borrowing a great idea



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Hi Julie,


I also find this a great way of finding out about me, how good am I at getting the info over to the students ( or bad :o )


Good luck let me know if you get the post

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