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Animated Gifs For Presentation To Parents


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Hi everyone, After searching the web for ages, I have still failed to find suitable animated images for a powerpoint presentation for a parents meeting. I have found some of children reading a book but still need to find cartoon style/ cute images for the following headings:

  • Writing
  • Personal, Social, Emotional
  • Creative Development
  • Child talking/ C.L.L.
  • Mathematical Development ( numbers?)
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

I am sick of seeing the Ali MCBeal dancing baby now!!! So hope you can help

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Marion uses some lovely pics of children. Hopefully she will see this plea and let you know where she gets them from. have you tried a google images cartoons search??


or if you search the forum using 'continuous provision' there are some area learning posters with appropriatte pictures too.



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