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we find the DVD a good foundation for this and hads ideas included, children often reqqest things they see on the DVD to try at pre-school during the session, we try to ensure we have resources just in case!

childs eye view festivals DVD


Sorry not watched it for a while but from memory it was well worth the cost and you can get it with Elcs



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We focussed on Eid for a week last year to raise the self esteem of 2 children and their families in the class.Here are some of the activities we did (pasted from planning so sorry if they seem misjointed :D )


Look at non fiction books about Eid

Discussions about Eid – especially with the two muslim mums and the muslim children in the class

Express likes/dislikes of dates and Eid pudding

Display examples of ‘Happy Eid’ in English, Urdu and Bengali

Sign name on Eid cards

Posters on display

Listen to Eid song and story by A's mum.


'A date to Eat' - story


‘Happy Eid’ song in Arabic (A's mum)


A's mum to talk about visiting a mosque and praying 5 times a day.


Artefacts brought in – prayer mat, hat, oils

Visitors and their children to dress in traditional dress.


Eid cooking (star and moon biscuits, eid desert) and sweet giving.

Look at globe to find where the 2 children used to live in relation to here.

Try dates at snack time.


Develop an awareness of cultural and religious festivals.

Making and giving Eid cards and sweets.

Take photographs


Palydough with glitter in – use rolling pins and star/moon cutters.

Cutting out hand shapes for Mendhi patterns

Eid el Fitr jigsaw


Decorate shiny stars

Clay moon and stars – using cutters, decorate and suspend

Print out Eid card

Star and moon printing with paint – selection and choice.

Designing a Mendhi pattern on cut out hand

Mendhi pattern on girls hands (A's mum)

Learn ‘Happy Eid’ song (A's mum)



We had a fantastic week and the 2 children in question just puffed up with importance; their mums came and worked with us and made the staff a 3 course meal at the end because they had enjoyed themselves so much!


I may attempt to put some pictures on for you but I've never tried it before so it may take a few days :D


Ok trying an attachment :o




This was our display(not quite finished in the picture) - one of the mums decided to do the mosque on the wall so a bit adult led but I hadn't the heart to stop her :D We hung the painted clay mooons and stars around it and infront of it.



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Sounds like you had a fantastic celebration and so meaningful for the children and parents. Well done on the attachments too. Can I ask, what did you use for the hand painting?



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It looks from the photo to be henna painted on the child's hand. We have a large number of Muslim children, and often invite the mums in during celebrations to paint the children's hands if they want it. (Always get parental permission first!) The children select a design from a chart that the mums bring in, then have it painted on. They leave it on until it has dried (up to about half an hour), then wash it off. The orange coloured pattern that remains on their hands lasts up to a week.


Eid this year falls during our half term. We also celebrate Diwali which is on 21st October this year.

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Thanks Peggy,


It was henna brought in by one of the mums but another local school used brown felt tip pens :D (with parent permission!). Henna stayed on about a week as Jackie said - the problem was waiting for it to dry on the child's hand - they would keep going to play and rubbing it off - had bits of henna all over the place :o Worth it though.



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Both 'little' and 'big' Eid fall during school holidays this yearas I think does Diwali. Having an very large Moslem population and being situated opposite the local mosque, its the biggest festival our families celebrate.


Most of our children are already 'henna.d' so its the staff that get that privilege as part of the Eid festivities.

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