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I've taken over the year one planning for PSHE. We are re-using last years plans for most subjects but of course, as always happens, half the resources are missing, grrr.

Does anyone have or know where i can find pictures showing fair and unfair, or right and wrong situations? I've had a search to try and find any free stuff i can print off but no luck yet.



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Do you know about the SEAL resources, school programme?


here is a linkSEAL


I have used some of their photo's to talk to children about different feelings etc. if you look through the attached, there are some pictures depicting unfair behaviour ie: one child has taken all the dough, the child next to him/her looks glum. :o


There are 147 photo's altogether.





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ooo peggy you are a star as usual! thanks very much, there are definitely a few photos i can use there. Now how to print them out without my husband noticing...... :o (perhaps it'll have to be in the middle of the night after i've been up with Ryan!)

thanks :D

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