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Hi -

A discussion item for the press release from the DfES, which indicates that:

• childcare managers believe a more diverse childcare workforce will enrich the quality of children’s experiences;


• childcare providers need help to improve their recruitment and retention practices; and


• childcare workers value their role working with children and see this as the best part of their job.


What's your view?

Regards, Steve.

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the biggest problem I see in childcare are the staff wages


people dont want to spend two years studying and then still be paid minimum wage


sorry if this is sexist but men are still expected to be the main bread winner will not enter the child care work foce because they cannt afford to. there is a big shortfall between the money parents can afford to pay for childcare and the money needed to pay staff a good professional wage


Even though the majority of men I have worked with have been wonderful with kids there is alot of prejustise from parents who are suspicious of men working with children this is the fault of the press blowing child abuse out of proportion and I know of men who have been pushed out of childcare because of this


qualifications are also causing problems for some staff up until ofsted took over the inspection process I was a qualified play leader I had the PLA diploma and felt confident that I was suitably qualified for the job then I was told I am now only qualified as assistent and must retrain there are many people in my position who must retrain because they have PLA qualifications that are suddenly not recognised these people are choosing to leave the workforce rather than retrain. I know of playgroups that have closed because the staff are not prepared to retrain.


I work in a playgroup of 5 staff we are all volunteers and three of us are all having to retrain one is unable to retrain because of commitments and the 5th member of staff has refused, she has worked for 10 years at the setting and is nearly 50 with grown up children in her words " If I dont know what I am doing by now?"

once we are all qualified we are concidering leaving playgroup and getting paid jobs so what happens to playgroup?

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Hi Alison,

The qualifications position is a real muddle at the moment isn't it? I'm sorry you are having to retrain to stand still.

When I opened my nursery four years ago, I was in the ridiculous position of being able to open a nursery school (I am a qualified teacher), non-social services registered ,and have a ratio of 2:20. When I announced to the local inspector that I thought it would be important to be social services registered, he told me I couldn't open a nursery unless I had a NNEB or equivalent! During the first year, therefore, I employed an NNEB to be my boss! Very lucky that we knew each other and had worked together before. During that first year I took the NVQ3 in Early Years Care and Education so that if my colleague leaves, I'll be OK to run my own nursery :o

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Hey Steve, thank you for your message!


I am currently in year 2 of the Cache Diploma and placed at a nursery school. Today, two nursery nurses went to a meeting to discuss (after 10 years of employment) that they may now not receive holiday pay. :o I was shocked to hear that they take home £ 200 a month. I though it was £250. Which means that I will take home no more than £150 a month if I want to work in a nursery. I also expected a yearly pay rise. It would be great to hear what other people think or how they manage to pay the morgage or rent?



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If you have a look in a magazine such as Nursery World, where there are lots of job vacancies advertised, you'll get a feel for the sort of salaries in the nursery sector. I've seen such variations, from around £4.75 ph to £9 or more depending, of course, on qualifications and experience. You say you probably won't betaking home more than £150 pcm; for how many hours? Also, I believe that it is the law now for employers to pay four weeks holiday pay; check with the Dept. for Trade and Industry site (dti) for the definitive answer :)

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