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was not sure where to post this so here it is


A Children come First is a quality assurance scheme for Childminding Networks

A Childminding Network is a formal group of Childminders who are assessed and regulary monitored (including unannounced visits) by a co-ordinator (that's me!)


the Childminders are recruited onto the network by the co-ordinator who assesses thier ability to deliver a quality service to children and thier families that is consistant with NCMA's Quality Childminding Charter


I see my role as mainly supportive a Childminder who may not be quite at the level required would not be turned away but would be helped to reach the required level

a positive attitude and willness to work towards the relevant qualifications are important


each network is different as it adapts to local conditions and requirements


all the childminders on my network are either level 3 (CCP and/or NVQ3) qualified or higher or are working towards these


I run a toy library twice a month and regular support sessions for planning and anything else that may be relevent to the Childminders on the Network


to draw down the nursery grant Childminders must belong to an approved Childminding Network and have to meet additional requirements


hope this is of some help any thing else please ask - I intend to ask lots of questions :o


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Hi KazzE -


Thanks for this post. A good starter for this forum!


Can I suggest that people wanting more information on this post or wanting to add to it, start a new topic rather than reply to this one - and we'll leave this with AuntieLynns123 post pinned to the top of this forum as benchmarks for any future discussion.


Regards, Steve. :D

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Hi Steve


I just recieved a campaign update letter this morning which included this paragraph


Following a meeting with the Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP on 26th of March NCMA has been i nformed that Ofsted has agreed to have a wider consultation and discussion about the issue of publishing Childminders' names and addresses on it's website


it is good to know that we are being listened to and hopefully a way will be found that protects childminders rights to keep thier address off the internet and parents rights to be able to find out as much as they can about the person who will be caring for thier child



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Hi KazzE -

That's excellent news! And largely due to people like you who made the effort to let people know of the potential problem.

Well done and thanks for letting us know! :D

Regards, Steve.

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