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I am currently involved in producing a transition curriculum for the

reception year and year 1 and would like to get in touch with anybody

who has already got this curriculum in place, or who has got any good

ideas/ suggestions!

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Hi there Scrookwood, must have missed your first post, so welcome to the site and I hope you find some useful advice here. The transition period seems to be a hot topic as does sharing a mixed R/yr 1 class so you will find lots of discussion if you have a look around the forum.

Unfortunately my brain cells dont stretch to putting in the links for you, so enjoy finding out more about the site... :o

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Hi Srookwood and welcome to the forum! :D


The most recent conversation about recteption/yr 1 transition happened here.


If you follow that thread you'll find my post with links to much longer and very useful conversations - give it a go. Then, if you have more specific questions, bring them back to this topic and we'll carry on the discussion from there.


There's also a useful book in our book recommendations page - Smooth Transitions. If you don't know where the books page is, click here and you'll be taken straight to it. If my memory is correct the Smooth Transitions one is the first one in the list.


Welcome again - good luck with your project!

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