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Hi all

we have some spare money to buy some new resources but there is so much to choose from.

We have about £450 and i dont want to waste it :o


What could you not 'live without' :( we are just celebrating our first birthday ( can't believe how quick its gone xD ) so ideas for any resources for any area would be great.


We have bought things in the past that do not really interest the children, so tried and tested resources would be great.


would like to buy as much as possible (rather than spend it all on one or two things :( )


i look forward to your replies (sorry for not being very specific with areas, but because we are a young setting we really can buy for any area)


Thanks in advance


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I would not do without my laminator, ( A3 size). we make lots of resources ie: props to support literacy, puppets linked to storys etc, lotto board games, sound lotto cards, + much more. ie: I made a lotto board using the photo ( face only) of each child in the setting- 9 faces per board ( 1st name under each pic) + matching single face card, these support sense of belonging activities such as, matching, talking, comparing similarities and differences, name recognition, sounds of 1st letter of each others names, etc. The children love using them over and over again. ( reminds me, must make one using pics of the staff).


If you get the type of laminator that doesn't get hot ( externally) then the children can use it too. We have laminated leaves and transparent paper for displays. We have painted on clear / empty laminated sheets and displayed on windows.


Also my book binder, I have made lots of books of activities children have done. ie: walk to the post box, Bathing baby, book of emotions / using photo's of children expressing sad, angry, worried, happy, excited etc faces. ( each page is laminated to better enable wear and tear)






oooh..............to make the books you will need a 'digital camera', lots of ink for the printer.( I invested in a laser printer rather than inkjet)




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We couldn't live without paint, sand, playdough, duplo, pyramid blocks, sticklebricks, maths eggs, cars, fisher price dolls house and people, dinosaurs, farm, wild animals, anything role play, mobilo, geogears, science box (magnifiers, torches, tape measures, insects etc)................................... the list is endless. :D

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going from our childrens choice, farm, wild animals, and cars with garages always come top, hoops, parachute, pop up tents and tunnels, funky footsteps, dolls, prams, cot, highchair in home corner.

CD or tape player with sound games, music and movement to anything but particularly 'fast food song' (pizza hut!!) at moment ( drives us all crazy!)

oobservation tanks to put small animals in to observe, snails, spiders, worms etc. plus magnifying glasses etc.


as Peggy says laminator, can make lots from own resources or childrens work or downloads from sites like sparkelbox.


Outside the best buy ever has been clipboards. children wo never draw inside willingly use them to record and draw outside. plus has anyone else got rody riders!! rody riders they use them all the time we have 2 as pictured and were given one which is a zebra they really have been our best buy. ;ots of ro;e play and imagination when they use these as well as physical



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