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HI all


my sister managed to download a virus(accidently) that wiped out my whole harddrive, my computer was out of action for a day and i missed coming here :o lol should i be concerend at my withdrawal symptoms, hee hee :D


My sister learnt her lesson £ 40 and a new hardrive later (and a very skilled friend of my brother to fit it).... i have lost ALL my work of the computer, which will seriously teach me to back stuff up to disk... could scream,...... but i am glad im back in action.....


hmmmm, now to get ready for the managers interview!!!!, me thinks i am going to have a stresful weekend.....



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One day and withdrawal...! at least u are back now....


Lost work always a pain especially when you have so much of it.


I have a second USB hard drive (20GB) which I bought quite cheaply and back everything up on that before I shut down PC. or when finished working. Also use pen drives/ USB stick for removing from one Pc to another.


Also lucky to have internet only PC so any work is safe from viruses. (its an old one from son before he needed more powerful one for Uni work, it couldnt cope with his work load!)



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I'm the same as Inge but my backup is 40 GB (mine's bigger than yours :(:( ) and actually it's still not big enough, yes size does matter :( , especially when storing hundreds of photoes of children playing, children on outings, children eating lunch, children hearing a story, children just being children, and resource photoes to label draws, and area photoes to show how we used to present the book, construction, art , music and other area's before we changed them.


Hubby's computer ( internet only one) is getting very full of every download possible from the forum :o ( He hasn't noticed yet :wacko: )


Dawn, know how you feel though, about the addiction that is. xD




p.s. is photo as a plural spelt with an 'e' near the end? One of those spellings I'm never sure of.

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