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Leaver's Poem


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I'm sure I found a poem on this site about children leaving us to go to school. I hope to include it in their books when they leave, but can't find it anywhere.




Thanks in advance


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I got this one from here:


These feet of mine

will slowly tread

the path of my life

what lies ahead?

But the steps that I take

are hesitant still

and the choices I make

need your help to fulfil

As I leave ‘Little Fishes’

Be with me when

I start at my school

I'll still need you then

I'll leave behind happy times

and walk towards more

with you right beside me

guiding me sure

So come down this path

and whatever the weather

there'll be two sets of footsteps

as we walk it together.

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Guest MaryEMac


That is a lovely poem and I would love to use it, if you don't mind. We are giving our leavers, shoe bags with their photos on and it would be nice to tuck that poem in the bag.



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Yahooooooooo, tippety tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the one rose petal. :D:D:D:D

Found it some where, typed most of it out and couldn't remember the rest.


Absolute star.


Thanks to others too, very much appreciated.



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