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hi i will be going into the 2 -3 year room from sept and need some advice.

The room is very large and has 24 children could anyone suggest a room layout, daily areas and activites i could provide and the sort of resources I could buy or make.

thank you in advance

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Hi, and may I say, thanks for your first post!!


I assume you're in a Day Nursery, like me? I am based in Pre-school, but will see what I can find for you when I go back on Tuesday.


Don't forget, the BTTM document will give you some good guidelines here!


Sue :D

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Hello sophiemarie, welcome to the site :D

I'm not very clued up on BBTM but please choose to have as few tables as possible. I've watched children trying to build a tower of bricks on a table and its so frustrating when the table is knocked by others.

I'm sure you'll get other advice shortly :D:D

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I've just thought, have you visited the Community Playthings website? Can't find address offhand, but you can get some really useful books for free, I'm sure there's one on layouts!



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Hi Sophiemarie


Welcome to the forum! The site that Sue R mentioned can be found here.


I would second what Rea has said about lack of tables! Young children like to spend time on the floor and most settings tend to use those large tables and chairs that are only really suitable for the bigger children.


Will have a think of other things you can do... :o

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I'd suggest thinking about the senses,


Sound area- Music, instruments, squeezy objects that make a sound, hanging chimes, etc


Taste - snack bar


Site- Mirrors, Kaliedescopes, (scuse spelling), posters, transluscent paper to look through, window, torches, reflectors, shadows etc


Touch - any object / item that promotes exploration of different textures, include small, medium and large items. Treasure basket, 3D shapes in different colours. tactile baords ( children can make these).


Smell- herbs grown in pots, scented dough, we put cloves / aniseed / lemon etc in decorated small pringle pots and make holes in the lid.



Then think about moods and social development.

Areas that are quiet and peaceful such as a comfy book corner.

Area for active gross motor movement

Areas that enable small groups to play solo / parallel - construction, brio, small world

Areas that enable larger groups to begin to play in pairs, and co-operative play- role play

Areas for "just being", the looking on stage of social development, the snack bar is good for this, so position the snack bar so that children who sit at it can see the whole room.


Water and sand and other large containers of say, shredded paper, to mould, pour, dig, bury etc

Art Area, self selection for resources ( boxes or draws)

Mark making resources around the room, not just in one place, plus telephones to "talk" with.


Resources need not be expensive, natural objects, everyday utensils found around the home etc

Comfy floor coverings, mats, cushions etc, limited chairs and tables.


Think about "traffic flow", is the water are (spills) away from main route through the room, is the quiet area furthest away from the gross motor active space. I operate from a large hall, we have a reception area, sensory area, music area, role play, down one side, opposite side is book area, construction area, art/media area. Near to the loo,s we have the snack bar ( easy access handwashing), sand and water play is in a corner, we have 3 "mat areas for construction, floor puzzles, small world, and other small group games. a lego table, a games table, ie: compare bears, lotto etc. We don't have a dough table, this is used around the room, ie: in role play, in the art area or whereever children want to take it ( barring snack table and book corner)


Hope this helps,




Comfortable low chairs or large bean bags for the adults.



forgot .....our gross motor area is near the role play, here we have large tumble mats, seesaw, slide, hopscotch etc, often the climbing frame is used for role play too, we also have 2 role play areas, one as a play home, this stays as a home all the time( bed, dresser, kitchen, settee, cooker) the other one changes from shop, haidressers, castle, garden centre, police station etc.



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Wish I was 3 again and living in Kent :D:D



Your welcome to come and play any day :D:o

You could even plan it for next years annual holiday leave if you like xD



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hi, in our 2-3's room we have seperate areas for various activities i.e. table top construction, reading area with comfy chairs etc


roleplay area


Sand/water tray area


small imaginative area


creative activity area




maths area




The room is split into areas, but it is alot easier if there is plenty of space to move around, as they spend most of the day moving around from various activities. we have made sure that the space is designed to flow so that the children can easily flow from area to area.


hope this helps

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