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Can anyone help me

Im stuck on working out part time staff holiday entitlements



Some staff work term time only (38 wks)

16 hours a week

14 hours a week

17.5 hours a week


The others work throughout the year

20 hours a week

32 hours a week


Am i being a dim wit I just cant get my head around this tonight maybe its too much sun!



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I don't know whether this is any help:


Our staff at Pre School are all part time and only work term time (38 weeks)- with hours ranging from 14hrs per week - 22 hours per week. Our committee give us all 4 weeks paid holiday entitlement based on our individual basic weekly hours.

We receive

1 week at Christmas

1 week at Easter


2 weeks at Summer


so for instance if a member of staff was working 14 hrs per week - she would receive 14hrs pay at Christmas, 14hrs pay at Easter and 2x14hrs pay in the Summer.

We have never had any problems with this system all staff feel it is fair.

Hope this helps you in some way.

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Hi Myhenroxanne


What you describe is exactly what we do in my pre-school. Staff work different hours but same number of weeks a year and we all get paid just as you describe. Like your setting, all staff think it's fair and there have never been any problems. :D

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We get four weeks entittlement a year as stated in the above example.

We have a temporary staff member who will have only worked six months . How would you work that entilement out - would they get the full four weeks?




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This is an example of how we work out holiday pay. We take the total income over 4 months (because that's how we're paid), divide it by 52 weeks to get a weekly figure, then multiply it by 4 weeks to get 4 weeks holiday pay. I think you should be able to work it out however you are paid be it hourly, weekly, monthly etc. The holiday pay and total income for the period are added together, then divided by 4 months to get a monthly figure.


Having said all this, we are looking at ways to simplify things, but to the best of my knowledge this is accurate if long winded.


May - Aug 2006

22 sessions at Assistant £23.30 £512.60

11 sessions at Deputy 25.67 £282.37

132 hours at admin 11 weeks x 12 hours £6.18 £815.76

10 sessions for Lunch Club as deputy 8.56 £85.60

11 sessions for Lunch Club as assistant 7.77 £85.47

Planning Days

3 AT £20.00 £60.00 £1,841.80

Holiday Pay

£1,841.80 divided by 52 £35.42 X 4 £141.68



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my staff are all for the foru weeks depending on what ever hours they work. so if one works 15 hours they get 4 wekks of 15 hours. I pay some of them weekly and they get a weeks holiday pay at Xmas, February halfterm (because they are all broke after xmas) then one week at Easter and one week in the summer. Some of the others wanted paying over 52 weeks. so we work 38 weeks they get 4 weeks holiday = 42 weeks, x what ever their weeks pay is. then its divided by 52 weeks, and they are paid every week of the year. this way it makes it easier for those on benefits so they don't have the 6 weeks of the school holidays to try and sort out extra benefits, which usually takes the 6 weeks then they have to change back again. Don't know if that makes sense to anyone but I think its pretty universal way of doing it these days.

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P.S. any overtime is added on weekly, and paid separate as most of the 52 weekers as we call them are paid direct through the bank on a standing order. those paid on the 42 week basis are paid cash each week.

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our rates vary during the years so does holiday pay we have set weeks when we get the pay ours being 1 at xmas, 2 at easter and 1 in august. amount we get is the average weekly wage over the previous 4 months.

(total wage divided by number of weeks)


(Ours is set this way as we also get a bonus of 1 week pay at xmas and 2 in August hence really giving us equivilant 7 weeks paid holiday a year but bonus is only paid if we can afford it so not guaranteed, and last year was a good year so we had 3 weeks in august)


I was given a formula for pro rata payments for those who leave mid year which i use for staff joining or leaving mid financial year.


4 weeks multiplied by average weekly wage divided by 12 months multiplied by number of months worked.


eg 4 x £95 divided by 12 x 4 month = £126.66 holiday pay due to date from which any already paid for that financial year is deducted so giving the amount due.


For shorter periods instead on months use 365 days and number of days worked.


eg 4 x £95.00 divided by 365 x 40 days worked = 41.65 due to Date


All clear as mud !! :o


not yet found a suitable website that does this calculation like there is for redundancy!!


It is easier for those paid all year but we do not get some grants from local council if we become salaried rather than waged.



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