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Story With Clear Morals


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My friend is going for an interview for assessment co-ordinator.

As part of her interview she has to read a story with a clear moral to either:

a) a group of reception children


:o a group of year 1 children

I would appreciate some more suggestions, to the ones I have offered already!

Many thanks


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Hi Beckyann, I don't know what stories you have already but I like using The Boy Who Cried Wolf - and the children love to join in!

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We have a story called 'What's Naughty'?' can't remember author - about two boys who do all sorts of things, throw stuff at the next door neighbour, mess up bedroom etc At the end of story mum tells the collecting mum the children have been 'fine'. I like it because you can encourage children to describe the different 'naughty ' behaviour using words that are more specific (unkind for example)

Also think you could use Goldilocks, Beware of the Bears, Red Riding Hood Little Red Hen, as start points for discussion

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