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Steve Could We Set Up A Resource Bank?

Guest tinkerbell

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Guest tinkerbell


How hard would it be for you to set up a resource bank where we can send resources eg


long term


weekly lit,maths


Resources flashcards,templates,pictures,

word work,phonic sheets


powerpoints etc

Just a thought as new people are asking the same questions and wanting the same resources.I have been on the TES website and their new resource bank has some great stuff but hard to find again.

Just athought


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Hi all -

Thanks for the suggestion. The two next things I'd like to tackle are a links page which people can add to themselves, and a dedicated resource library. The way the resource library will probably work is that it will contain a series of categories with links to the forum topic where the attachments etc are posted. This will help keep the context from the initial topic, as just having a list of articles will seem fairly meaningless as the list grows.


It won't be here tomorrow though - it'll take a little bit of planning! :)

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Hi all -

I'm now trying to come up with a design for the resource library mentioned above. I'd be grateful for suggestions from regular members of categories of attachments they might like to make available or to look for downloading. Overlapping in some places the areas mentioned by tinkerbell above, perhaps a discrete category of templates/forms, which would include the following:


  • Observation and assessment
  • Planning (could be broken down into long term, medium and short term)
  • Activities/focus plans
  • FS organisation (eg stepping stones)

That's just to kick you off with. I'm sure there are other sorts of things you'd like to be able to search through other categories. How about, for example, leavers poems/gifts, display cards for using with children, images to initiate conversations in circle time or other environments, announcement posters (headlice etc) to use in management of settings, policies, etc.


What general categories would you suggest for putting these and other items in? If we don't think this through carefully, there's a horrible danger that all these will go into a category called miscellaneous - which will be huge...

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On my computor I have the following folders where I sort and keep downloads;


Planning resources ( ie: planning formats, activity ideas, lists of stepping stones, observation proforma's etc)


Activity resources ( ie: story sequence pics, flash cards, number lines, food pics etc)


Parent resources ( ie: notices re: headlice, biting info, curriculum and BTTM info, tax credit info, etc)




Government publications ( although this is becoming rather large-need I say more :o - Sure start, DFES, CWDC, SEAL, EPPE, Inland Revenue, DTI etc)


Ofsted ( although is one of the above, they have their own dedicated folder to store publications, information, standards, posters etc)


Training resources ( any articles I think will enhance staff knowledge ie: Positive behaviour management, child protection etc, any any info about continuous professional development ie; degree's, courses etc)


SENCO ( anything to support provision for children with SEN ie: Pecs symbols, information on various syndromes etc)


Health - (from food standards agency to suncream awareness posters)


Festivals ( ideas, pictures songs etc for different times of year)


Songs and poems ( including posters)


Recipes from around the world ( this is mainly web links)


Management issues ( such as contracts of employment, peer observations, appraisals, finance proformas such as fees invoices, info re NEG etc)


Safety ( legislation and products )


To Look at ( This folder is for anything I think may be interesting or useful but I haven't had time to look at yet xD )


and last but not least;


Forum anything I download and / or copy and paste from the forum, I keep in here until i have time to sort it into a folder. ( I also have a folder called sent to forum, anything I post onto the Forum I keep here in case it is asked for in the future, which has recently happened)


I do seem to have a lot of info and have considered different ways of labelling and storing info, I have started folders named after the 5 outcomes, one called Operational Plan ( to put anything in that I think I might use in said document), and I have the obligatory Miscillaneous folder.



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Sounds fantastic to me also!

Only comment I can make is how sometimes I've had difficulty finding what I've wanted because plans have been filed under Autumn 1, Autumn 2 etc.

Think it would be more helpful filed under topic/ themes.

All the best


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Hi -

Just to let you know I've set up the resource manager suggested above. You can find it under the Resources menu heading, and it's called the 'Resource Library'.


After struggling to come up with a comprehensive set of categories for storing information in, I decided that if I make it too elaborate in the beginning it might put people off, and just set up a core set of six. I can add to these, and have sub-categories as and when the current headings don't seem to be adequate - let me know when you have a resource that doesn't seem to fit.


If you'd like to have a go at uploading any of your own attachments I'd be grateful. I can and will move through the old forums as I have time, but in this case it will look as though the items originated from me - it would be much better to see the original author credited! :)


One thing - please don't donate things that are copyrighted to other people. Sound like a cracked record I know, but it's not fair on the original author - as well as being illegal. :o


I wanted to have something that looked and felt familiar, so I hope the way it's set up (in the style of the rest of the forum pages) makes it intuitive. Hope you find this useful - I'd be interested in hearing your feedback.

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Hi Deborah -

From this page, open up the Resources menu item in the navigation menu (down the left hand side).


You should see a list of items like this:


NVQ3 Guidance

Topic Support

Resource Library

Book Recommendations

Product Reviews



FS News


The third one down is Resource Library. Select that. Don't expect too much at the moment though. We've just started filling it up! :)

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