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Hi all

Looking for as many responses as possible pleae. Currently have one of the staff working towards NVQ, and she needs to produce 3 styles of observation formats. Obviously she has the format which we use at Pre School, but needs to create 'checklist observation format (for Physical Development), Timed Observation Format and Narrative Observation formats. Please please can you help? Examples of all three types would be great - she is worried about the course, and we are trying to give all the encouragement we can to see it through. Hopefully with a bit of help, she should be able to pull something together to impress her assessor. Thanks in advance :o

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For the Physical development tick list obs, she would need to write her own list, for example plan an obstacle course, define what physical skills each child will show and list


Jump off bench

crawl through hoop

balance along chalk line

roly poly on mat



Possibly have two boxes next to each criteria, with / without adult support.


Her evaluation may be to evaluate the "activity" if boxes with support were mostly ticked I would evaluate that the activity could be made a bit easier to promote confidence sense of achievement, because children could manage without support. It could show that 30% needed support, 70% didn't. Plan to give the 30% more opportunities to practice the above skills.




The evaluation may be on individual childrens "skills" in which case she would need the childrens names down one side and criteria in four columns along the top. Her evaluation would comment on individuals abilities, are they as expected for age/stage? etc.



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Thanks these are just the kind of thing I think I can give her examples of to boost her confidence that she is on the right track.

Has taken a lot of courage for this member of staff to start the NVQ, so trying all we can to keep encouraging her - thanks, looking forward to any more observation formats

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