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Personal Message About Fs Units?


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[COLOR=red]Someone sent me a personal message about Foundation Unit planning and I can't find the message or who it was from. I didn't have time to reply when I read it but wanted to reply now and cannot find it again.


Does anyone know how I find out where it's gone and who sent the message?




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Hi Sue

As long as you havent deleted it, it should still be there. Go to where it says new messages at the top of the page and it should take you to your messages page and you can take a look if its there.


If you havae deleted it then im afraid im not even sure the 'wise one' (I mean Steve) can make it reappear from the ether, but Ill leave the way clear for him to tell you otherwse maybe..


perhaps whoever sent it will read this and rememebr sending it and would then be kind enough to send it again..

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Hi Sue -

I've just sent you a PM with the username of the person who sent you the email (it wasn't a PM which is why I could track it down). :)


Now mundia, about this 'wise one' business... :o

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