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Changes to the Cherry Garden Framework February 2022


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We will soon be making some changes to the Cherry Garden framework.

The first is to rename the ‘Creative Development’ Branch Map to ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. You don’t need to do anything for this, the name will update automatically in the next few weeks (late February 2022).  The content of the Branch Map will stay the same.

The second change does include something you do need to think about and possibly do.  

As you may know, the 'Communication, Language and Literacy' and 'Mathematical Development' Branch Maps include milestones from the respected Routes for Learning materials (
https://hwb.gov.wales/curriculum-for-wales/routes-for-learning). These materials have recently been updated to reflect the latest research. We have made some minor amendments to the Branch Maps, in conjunction with Cherry Garden School based on these changes.

Most of the changes are just wording updates, but one statement is being removed entirely and will no longer exist as part of the Cherry Garden Framework.

You can find the details of the amendments in the document attached below this message.

These changes will apply to assessments you’ve made previously as well. So, for example, if you can see that a child is assessed as ‘Secure’ (or whatever you’ve called your refinements) in ‘Reacts to close contact with a familiar adult’, after these changes are applied, the assessment will remain as ‘Secure’ but it would be for Responds to close physical contact with a familiar personinstead.

As ‘Responds to own name’ in Branch 2 of Attention and Understanding is being removed entirely, any assessments you’ve made of that will disappear. They will no longer appear on existing observations, and the statement will no longer show on the ‘Statements’ and ‘Baseline’ screens.

If you are using the ‘Term Progress’ and ‘Strand Scores’ screens you may also notice that the figures for Attention and Understanding Branch 2 there change as well. There will be 1 fewer statements and any ‘Score’ applied to the ‘Responds to own name’ statement will no longer be included. As such, the ‘Score/Max Score’ and so the ‘Percentage Score’ may change.

If you want to keep a record of any of those assessments or a record of any of the figures as they are, please make sure to export a PDF copy of them before February the 21st 2022.


If you have any questions or need more time, please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.


Cherry Garden Routes for Learning changes.pdf


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