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30 hour funding question


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I have a set of parents who are separated , i didn't have dad on any documents but have recently added him.

Dad has a 30 hour code for the child, but she does not live with him. Mum does not have a 30 hour code child does live with her.

Can Mum use the 30 hour code allocated to Dad for his daughter?


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1 hour ago, louby loo said:

Didn't want to read and run - but I haven't a clue!   At a guess I'd say no as doesn't it need to be both parents working? ..........unless a single parent ... and now I can see this is a never ending circle!


Thanks for the helpful reply 😂😅

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9 hours ago, kathrynlovesrecycling said:

Per government info here, "You will not be eligible if your child does not usually live with you." so it looks like unfortunately they won't be able to use the 30 hours

Thank you, although how on earth do HMRC know that? I can't see how this can be monitored really?

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