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Snacks in Pre School


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We keep it simple, fruit and a breadstick! (or similar)  Only 3 hour sessions, and two 6 hour days with packed lunch.

We did used to do more, then had a child with serve allergies, we actually found a simple snack works well for us. But I guess it also depends on the area you are based.  Sadly some children may need more substantial snacks.

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We alternate savoury and fruit snacks, for fruit it's whatever we've ordered (normally citrus, apple, banana, melons, pears, sometimes berries, and prioritising baby room for the softer fruit), and for savoury it's things like breadsticks and crackers. We also offer milk, and encourage the older ones to do things for themselves like pouring milk, buttering crackers etc. We're open all day so have morning and afternoon snack.

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since covid we have not done any prepared snacks...so now it is piece of fruit (their choice) milk or water . Sometimes we have toast or garlic bread or small pack of breadsticks. is this the sort of thing you are thinking or are you talking about 'high tea' kind of snack!

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