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I may have missed this in watching all the tutorials... but when looking at the birth to three areas on Tapestry it only come up with the prime areas. How can we get the specifics to show up on the flags or will they not come up and practitioners are advised to use the Early years statements for this?  

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Hi, @Chokshi87

Thanks for getting in touch! 

When you enable the EYFS 2021 flag set by going to Control Panel > Settings > Flags you will see it appear on your Observations as "EYFS 2021" 

Clicking on that Flag Set will show you the seven areas of learning, the aspects within those areas are the aspects included in the Birth to 5 Matters guidance, so these are the ones you can use if you are using Bto5 Matters as your guidance of choice this year! 

I hope that makes sense :) 

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So if we didn't want to use the birth to 5 can we still use development matters, that has already been set on Tapestry, across all platforms even with the 2 year olds? Have the new changes been made on the original tracking? Sorry if this is a silly question. 



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Not a silly question at all! 

Essentially enabling that EYFS 2021 flag set gives you the choice between the new Bto5 and the new Development Matters. The aspects I mentioned earlier are only relevant to Bto5 because the new DM doesn't include aspects. 

So, if you do want to use just the new DM - enable the flag set as above, but ignore the aspects and just flag the areas. 

All the original stuff for developments matters (the screens, the age bands etc) is all still there. But for the new system, we do have some new monitoring screens for you to use. 

Here are the tutorials we have on those which might be helpful! 

  1. EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Guided View)
  2. EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Group View)
  3. EYFS 2021 - Thoroughness Screens

I hope that helps! :) 

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