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Parent/Teacher behaviour communication log?


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Hi there Weavers, 

I need to know how I could use Tapestry to create some kind of thread for myself and a parent to add to, separate from the child's journal, where we can record or clarify incidents at school and at home. 

Is this possible? 

I've thought about making an observation and just not adding it to journal, but then the parent wouldn't be able to see or access it to add comments!

I've thought about Reflections but that's only staff, not parents (I use reflections for my 'not on track' comments and dont want parents to see) 

Any other ideas please?! 

Thanks in advance :) 

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Hi joyfulspirit,

It sounds like Memos would be the best thing for this. They aren't added to a child's journal and you can tag specific children for just their relatives to see, and even upload documents if needed. 

The Memo will need to be saved on the browser version of Tapestry first, and then comments can be added on the app.

You can refer to our tutorial for setting up and adding Memos here 🙂

Best Wishes,


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Hi finleysmaid,

Accidents won't be added to a child's journal. So if you download a PDF journal for a child who has had an accident recorded, this won't appear in the journal.

However, parents will be notified of accidents if they have been marked as having parental responsibility. They will receive a notification when you mark an accident as discussed.

Best wishes,


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Hi Finleysmaid,

Thanks for getting back to us, and for bringing that point up.

If they are recording accidents we would recommend using our accident forms. However, this depends partly on what exactly they would like to record. For incidents that aren't accidents or any more general information Memos might be more suitable. They are also the closest thing we have to observations that aren't added to the children's journals.

Best wishes,


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