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‘Areas of Concern’ screens for the new Development Matters


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Part two of our solution for the new Development Matters for early adopters has now been released – the ‘Areas of Concern’ screens.  
Here, staff will be able to record their own professional judgement about the development of each child.   

 There are 3 choices:  


No Concerns (this is the default) 



 By default, Tapestry will assume that teachers have ‘No Concerns’, but you can confirm that by selecting it specifically. By choosing ‘Concerns’ you can highlight to yourself and your colleagues that you feel this child needs additional support. ‘Review’ is for children and areas of learning where you’re not quite sure whether the child is developing as expected yet – that might just mean you need to think about it in a bit more depth or discuss with a colleague or manager before making a judgement. 

In all cases though, you will be able to quickly and easily refer to the evidence you’ve collected in terms of observations for the child in each Area of Learning, and create reflections to record your own thoughts, questions, and aims.  
The SLT may find the group view particularly useful because it will allow them to easily: 

1) See those children and areas of learning where staff have noticed development is falling behind, or is at risk of falling behind. 

2) View any observations and reflections staff have recorded to support their professional judgement. 
3) See when staff have made their judgements and whether they have actively confirmed that they do not have concerns.  

You can find the ‘Areas of Concern’ screens on the browser version of Tapestry in the Tracking drop down at the top of your page.  

We have tutorials for the Guided View and the Group View if you need a hand with how to use them.   

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