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Mini beast topic

Look through the Insect Lore book, they have lots of ideas from grow your own butterlies, snails, ant quariums, games etc.

Make spiders - black sugar paper with black pipe cleaners - good maths activity

Make cobwebs by rolling marbles in a tin with a bit of glitter for the dew

Ladybird printing and finger painting

Snail trails on black paper

What about the little sea monsters - if you leave water outside long enough you will find lots of minibeasts growing of their own accord

Make jelly with bugs in for the children to explore

Catch woodlice and keep them for a while in a damp moist soil with bits of bark etc.

I find the small plastic propogators with lids which can be brought from the garden centres for a couple of pounts really useful for keeping small mini beasts in.

Make webs from white cotton/wool - if you do woodwork the children can make their own from bits of wood and nails and then weave the cotton to make their own webs

The Eric Carle books are good, the very noisy cricket and the spider one are really good which reminds me I must replace my noisy cricket one as it has lots its noise altogether.

Lots of songs, There's a worm at the bottom of my garden, Incey Wincey,

Spiders under magnifying glasses are fascinating, if not a bi scary when you see so much detail, with the larger ones you can even see all their eyes which I always find a bit disconcerting when they are running across the floor as they always have you in view.

Wormeries etc

Too tired to think of much more now - have one day to finish an assignment which is already late and I have another 1000 words to write so must go.


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I heard a great sounding thing at a course recently (though haven't tried it yet) where you catch a spiders web. Now let me just remember... you get black card/paper and catch a dewy spiders web on it to make a print, then I think you sprinkle it with talc or something - the powder only sticks to the moist parts, thus showing the web pattern ?? Anyone out there done this to elaborate or correct...?

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I've tried to do something similar, following advice...you're meant to find an empty spider web and spray it with gold/silver spray then position black paper behind it and snip the anchoring strands. Now it may just be my cack-handedness but I found the webs collapsed and the resulting language, after about the fifth try, cannot possibly be repeated here!

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Ooh, then you're meant to laminate it and keep it for posterity. Why anyone would want a gold gloopy mess that bears absolutely no resemblance to anything except a gold gloopy mess is beyond me.

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