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I do not deal with pay, but I'm asking on behalf of our committee. 

For level 2 and level 3 staff with exactly the same roles and responsibilities do you pay exactly the same rate to each level 2 and each level 3, or do you pay slightly less to workers under the age of 25 in line with the NLW and NMW bands?  Currently we don't have any younger team members but the committee are considering what would be appropriate for any future appointments.  



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Thank you for your thoughts everyone.  I do feel that younger staff should not be penalised for being younger and agree with Finleysmaid that they might actually be more experienced.

I think it is important for our committee to take all this on board in making future decisions.  I do appreciate the feedback as I can take all of this back to the next meeting.  Parent committees come and go annually and members certainly need support in addressing such a key issue.

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